Marine Pipe Relining


Military Vessel


Fire suppression system, 150mm (6”) – 200mm (8”) diameter pipes, suffering from pitting and corrosion attributed to Electrolysis


The fire suppression system is essential on any operational vessel, the system is constantly charged with sea water ready for emergencies at the turn of a valve.

Corrosion has led to through-wall corrosion, wall thickness loss and leaks in many of the various pipes throughout the vessel.

One leak caused severe damage to on-board electronics and computer systems.


The pipes were opened at the nearest available locations, the system was drained and dried and then inspected with specialist inspection cameras to ascertain the condition of the pipe interior.

The pipes were cleaned and blasted to create the blast profile required for the protective coating. Once cleaned and dried the pipe is heated to and conditioned for the coating to be applied.

In this instance, 3 coats were applied to achieve the specified DFT.

A final pressure test and camera inspection revealed a successful repair, new valves were installed and the system was pressure tested and recommissioned

This pipe is returned to service and is now protected from any  further deterioration.