Heritage Works

Specialist in-building pipe and cast iron downpipe repair

Find and fix leaking pipes in your building without the need for major disruption or asbestos disturbance. “Create a pipe in a pipe”

R2 Pipetech’s pipeline solutions are effective, safe and can be carried out without the need to excavate or disturb architecturally sensitive buildings. Preserving the original infrastructure and it’s historic properties is vital.

Our beautiful old buildings require special attention. We have worked on buildings where water ingress from failing downpipes was a big problem, in a lot of cases the downpipes in heritage buildings come down inside the building.

R2 PipeTech can reline these pipes from the inside effectively sealing small leaks up to 1.6mm and creating a new pipe within a pipe. The original exterior appearance is preserved and water is kept out of the building.

Drain, sewer and cast iron downpipes. Heating, and cooling lines. Fire suppression systems

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