No Dig Pipe Lining

R2 Pipe Tech Ltd working closely with our partner Schur Lining Technologies Ltd bring unprecedented levels of expertise,experience and commitment to the pipe lining sector.

Combined experiences of over fifty years allows our service to provide not only a cost effective solution across a wide range of pipe dn (32mm to 2500mm) but also to carry out the job in a cost effective and professional manner. Our fully trained crews can survey, report remediate de-sanitise and return a pipe to service often on the same day.

Our lining materials have potable water approvals,,we also have coatings with approvals for the Oil,Gas and foul water sectors.

Using Schur’s modern in-situ pipe robotic lining technologies it is possible to reline the pipe from the inside using fully certified DWI and NSF approved semi structural coatings.

Pipes from 32mm dn to 2500mm dn can be relined, holes, cracks and fissures up to 6mm can be sealed. The process is fully documented and quality controlled using the WERMS software which controls each application.

The coatings have a “hoop strength” or structural strength which means they do rely on the host pipe for adhesion, meaning that even a pipe in degraded stae can be lined to create a new pipe within the host pipe.

Due to the fragile nature of the existing pipe, cleansing has to be limited to jetting and light mechanical cleaning. All debris and sludge is removed form the pipe to ensure the surface is clean and ready for the coating application

Post lining cleaning

Following the cleaning and lining process the pipe is thoroughly cleansed and sterilised using the proven in the field Steri-Klenze process, this was developed by Schur and Yorkshire water over 15 years ago.

  • Upgrade Pipe integrity
  • Life extension of up to 50 years
  • Possible to clean & coat the pipe within 8 hours
  • Same day return to service
  • No Bypass required
  • 32mm to 2500mm dn can be relined
  • Minimum disruption to the water supply
  • Up to 180m per day can be cleaned and coated
  • No Ground movement, two small excavations up to 430m apart
  • Lateral connections unaffected
  • Eliminate brown water issues
  • Does not disturb other utilities
  • Substantial savings over alternative methods
  • Save cost of excavation and reconstruction
  • Reduce impact on community and businesses, keep traffic flowing
  • Reclaim previously lost water
  • Reduce pumping costs
  • Reduce cost of chemical treatment


  • Minimal environmental footprint
  • Significantly reduced confined space entry and trenching
  • Reduced emission (Exhaust from stopped, slowed Vehicles or ancillary equipment)
  • No VOCs or endocrine disrupters

Water Service

  • Improved cleanliness, clarity, colour and taste
  • Retards growth of bacteria
  • Reduced threat to water safety from lead joints
  • Increased flow rates