R2 in partnership with Ecomist-Biotechnics are authorised resellers of both equipment and product.

Ecomist is the world's most powerful non toxic sanitiser.

Recent global events have brought hygiene and infection control into sharp focus.R2 has a range of solutions depending on the size and scale of cleaning you want to do.We have developed a four stage plan called TEST.

T – Test area using our hand held held system sure + hand held monitor.

E – Evaluate the test results.

S – Sanitise those areas showing high test readings.

T – Test again to ensure treated areas are now below safety limits.

Our SystemSure Plus state of the art testing equipment is used to measure infection risk and associated viral loads.

The system features:

  • Instantly readable pass or fail.
  • 200 User Id’s to track staff performance.
  • USB connection to PC for tracking results by person by location.
  • Self calibrating.
  • Lightweight hand held device.
  • Results in just 15 secs.

We have a range of equipment to allow you sanitise your area safely and effectively:

Bioaim Cold Fogger:

This 220v electric or battery portable mister allows the user spray the biocide directionally at specific areas or items.For example in dental and general practice it allows for targeted treatment of those areas identified by the System sure+. as high risk. Typically these areas include door handles, counter tops, reading material, equipment and seating.


The Biogard was developed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, labs, hotel rooms, leisure facilities and schools.This is a mobile machine capable of decontaminating 30m3 in 30 has a digital timer for auto shut off.

The machine unladen weight is only 4kgs. It is 190mm wide, 290mm high and 170mm deep. Tank size is 2.5ltr capacity.

Biogard Turbo Dry Mist:

A larger machine for the rapid decontamination of larger spaces. Capable of decontaminating 200m3 in just 10 minutes. The machine is fully portable and can be left unattended while staff carry out other tasks. The reservoir tank hold 11 litres of product, radius of delivery is 12 – 15 metres. Ideal for larger areas such as entrance foyers, churches, high ceiling rooms, warehouses.

Tribiosan Biocide range:

Tribiosan sanitising solution is perfect for whole room or vehicle decontamination. Dry misting with Tribiosan allows for total air and surface decontamination including carpets and hard to reach surfaces.

Product details:

    • Kills 99.999999% of pathogens in 30 secs Log 6.
    • Triple action sanitises, deodorises and slows regrowth.
    • Contains no alcohol.
    • Contains no bleach.
    • Leaves no residue.
    • Safe to use in food prep and serving areas.

The product is available in 20 ltr, 5 ltr and 1 ltr containers. It is also available in handy 500ml trigger spray bottles ,20 cm x 20cm wipes and 100ml bottles handbag or pocket bottles.