Our Products
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Our Products

Nova Pure are official stockists and distributors of IllumiPure products in the EU and the UK.


IllumiPure (ILP) is the only maker of full spectrum LED lighting products scientifically proven to eradicate infectious strains of bacteria and fungus under a normal white light, allowing people and animals safely to occupy that space. ILP’s light fixtures easily replace standard overhead lighting and are cost-effective and energy efficient just like all LED lighting. ILP products can also be customized to include remote control, automation, monitoring, RFI/EMI, and other features in addition to 24/7 germ protection.

Air Guardian

The Air Guardian is a continuous multi-mode air purification solution that destroys, dissembles, and filters pathogens, particulates, and chemicals at 99.9% efficiency in a single pass through the system. It kills SARS-CoV-2 virus within seconds.


The Immaculight is a novel innovation several orders of magnitude better than other solutions for IAQ, infection prevention, and disinfection, by offering continuous disinfecting lighting solution that is completely harmless to humans or animals.