Underfloor Pipe Repair




Marine Testing Tank, Gosport, UK. One of the largest testing tanks in the world.


Under floor Pipes from Filtration plant room, 150mm (6”) Diameter.
Cast Iron


The Pipe supplying filtered water to a large tank was suspected to be leaking. A full leak detection and camera survey revealed the leak to be directly under the tank, imbedded in 2 metres of concrete.

Digging to repair this fault was certainly not an option.

It was decided to completely line and upgrade the entire pipe network to future proof this valuable asset.


The pipe was opened at the nearest available location outside the building, this was 52 metres from the leaking point.

The pipe was then drained and cleaned using specialised rotary tools and a HP Jetter.

The Entire 160 metres of pipe was then relined with our inversion liner and epoxy resin and then cured.

A final pressure test and camera inspection revealed a successful repair, new valves were installed and the system was pressure tested and recommissioned. This pipe is returned to service and is now protected from any further deterioration of the host pipe